Back at it!!

I took some time off after the semester ended because finding an internship and doing a summer semester took a lot of my time. I couldn’t fully focus on what content to post, but I am happy to say I am back! And yes I still found time to do some shopping.

I made a larger purchase within the past few weeks. I was attending a fraternity formal and a wedding within a month of each other. My first thought was to treat myself to a new pair of heels. I promised myself I’d wear the heels to both functions and spend a little less money on a dress, so I could fully splurge on the heels. I ended up getting the nude Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100. I have the same exact pair in black so I didn’t have trouble with sizing. The only thing I was shocked about was the difference in comfort. The black ones I always feel like I am walking on shards of glass, whereas the nude ones are sooo comfy!

And yes, I know everyone probably thinks I’m out of my mind for saying a pair of Christian Louboutin’s were comfortable, but they really were. Now, the reason I think personally the nude are bizarrely more comfortable than the black is because I had the nude sealed on the bottom. I would get every pair I own sealed, it was well worth it. For those who don’t know what “sealed” is, it’s a bottom that is added to the sole of the shoe so the red does not wear off as easily. After I wore the first pair the first time they were destroyed, so I learned my lesson.


Happy to be back & Happy Shopping!

99 Problems & Designer Is Number 1

99 problems and designer is number one! Everyone has their interests and mine just happens to be designer. Liking designer things isn’t just purchasing a purse or piece of jewelry, its a way of life. People buy things to stay in the in crowd, but are just buying it for the name. Leading a designer lifestyle can get pricey quick, but if there’s true value and meaning behind it, nothing can get in the way.

I am very passionate about designer things because its the life I was brought into. My parents always had nice things and wanted to share that with my brother and I. I was very fortunate to have such nice things, but now I find myself treating myself more often than my parents! I have become so involved in a designer lifestyle I never want to stop. I’m always looking for what my next piece will be.

If you can do it than why not! The way that I think about it is one day I’ll have bills to pay, possibly a mortgage and a car payment. There will be more important things to worry about rather than designer things. Right now while there is less responsibility is the best time to spoil ourselves!  So if not now, than when with all of these expenses approaching.


Alexander McQueen

I have never loved a pair of sunglasses more. I think they would be considered an aviator. I wasn’t looking for sunglasses when I stumbled upon them, but when I saw them I had to get them. Of course the price was just right especially for Alexander McQueen.

They were retailed at $500. I saw them at my local Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH. They were prices at $119. For this price I had to get them because I knew I would never see them again. Not only that, but at most outlet stores they usually don’t come with a case because vendors feel they’re giving such a great deal they tend to exclude the case.

Luckily, these bad boys came with the case and a cloth to clean them! My only complaint with the mirror lens is they do get dirty quite easily and caught in my hair often. But they look so cool on and they’re so unique compared to the average aviator that it doesn’t matter!


Happy Deals!!

Bathing Suit Season!

Bathing suit season is approaching slowly, but surely!

Just picked up this fun 2-piece bathing suit from the Victoria Secret Outlet at Jersey Garden’s Mall in Elizabeth, NJ. If you have never been to this outlet mall you must. They have about 230 stores to shop. It definitely takes more than one day to complete if you’re really looking for a good shopping trip.

This cute bathing suit was purchased in separates. The top was $7.99, along with the bottoms! A whole bathing suit for $15.98. At full retail stores you can’t even find a bathing suit top for as cheap as $15.98. This outlet has 3 large room divided by size. Each room is a different size and that room will have everything in your size. They carry everything a normal Victoria Secret would it’s just at outlet pricing.

At times some of the merchandise might be a few seasons behind, but this is a great place to get all of your bathing suit, bra and underwear shopping done. The selection is endless for these specific pieces. So if you’re low on bathing suits, bras or underwear and don’t feel like spending a lot of money this is definitely the place to go!


Happy Shopping!

Love some Manolo’s

Spring has just begun and it’s been so busy! I have a destination wedding to attend along with a formal. These events include dress and shoe shopping because of course I don’t have anything already to wear (not). It gives us a reason to buy new things! With that being said, I am still left without a dress for both events BUT found an amazing deal on the shoes I plan to wear to both of course. I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels at an unbelievable price.

These pumps come in 3 colors and are very limited in sizes. I purchased the tie dye pair because how can you not?! They also come in all white and rainbow. The tie dye pair is very unique and different looking which is why I chose this pair. This pair of heels can be paired with a number of different color dresses. I am solely revolving my dress choice around these shoes!

 Now, getting to the best part. The price. Originally ticketed at $695. On they were on sale for $249.99. Better yet with the discount code the website offers for 48 hours you get an additional 15% off! This comes to $211.95! For this pair of shoes this is an insane deal. I personally could not pass this deal up. For that reason, my dress choice will be revolved around these shoes!


Happy Shopping!

Steve Madden Gone Wrong

Over the weekend my mom and I were shopping for new everyday shoes. I was looking for a replacement pair of slip-on sneakers that are easy to put on for class or when running errands. My mom was looking for new everyday work shoes (which she found at Macy’s). Anyways, I ended up buying a pair of Steve Madden slip-on sneakers that were very casual, but cute for casual wear. They came to $59.98 at Macy’s.

Let me tell you, THE most uncomfortable pair of Steve Madden shoes I have ever purchased. I have always loved Steve Madden for inexpensive shoes because they are fashionable, inexpensive and usually quite comfortable. This was not the case for this pair sneakers. I wore them for a few hours and my feet felt like they were going to fall off. I ended up having to put bandaids on the back of my heels because they were actually bleeding.

I have never had such an experience with Steve Madden shoes. I will continue buying his shoes, but I was shocked when this happened. I ended up having to return the shoes because I honestly couldn’t bear the thought of having to wear them again. And personally, I am not the type of person AT ALL to return something after using/wearing it, but this was a rare case.


Happy Shopping!

The Perfect Sculpt Bra

I’m sure from scrolling on all social media platforms we have all come across the The Perfect Sculpt Bra! I’ve seen it all over the place and have to say I’m interested in trying this product. It has had so much positive feedback. At the moment, they are running a special on their website ( The prices ranges on how many you purchase.

They’re originally priced at $49.99. The bra comes in beige and black, which is really all you need. Another perk that I find is that the sizes go from A-F. Anything past D can be hard to find on a normal basis, so it’s nice they have options.

I would personally utilize this
bra to fill out shirts, strapless shirts or even in place of a bandeau. It gives an extra lift for those who need it! I think it’ll work best for girls who are less busty. I would love to try this product out to see what wonders it could possibly do for me!