Recently, I heard about a company called GILT. It’s an online shopping website with sample sales and insider prices. I have never personally purchased through here. What I find unique about them is the variety they have to market. They have options like travel, kids, home, women’s, men etc. I find it to be a more fashionable Groupon.



Gilt is actually owned by the same company that Saks Fifth Avenue is owned by. Why am I telling you this? Because, since GILT is an online shopping outlet it can be a pain to make returns by shipping. Some people like myself, prefer to return to a store rather than returning via mail. At your local Saks branches you can make your GILT returns there.

This process is super easy too!  You go on your GILT account and print out what from the order you’re returning. After this, you bring your slip and merchandise to your local Saks store to process your return. The other cool part that some people don’t know is that you can receive a merchandise credit for Saks rather than your refund on your card. Although, some prefer the full refund back to the original form of payment, it is a cool feature that they offer!

I hope this tip was useful for any GILT/Saks shoppers out there!




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