Who doesn’t love Marshalls?

Marshalls is most definitely a hit or miss and when you’re not looking for something you typically find it there! I needed a birthday present for someone that I wasn’t really sure of their style. While at Marshall’s shopping for things that I absolutely didn’t need I found a great present to give someone. There was thought behind it, the person didn’t have to know it came from Marshall’s (unless they wanted to return it) and it was a great price! I’ve already gifted the gift, so this image is from Google, but it is the exact same Kate Spade Sally cross body bag in light blue.

  • The cross body is originally $198. You can probably pick this item up at a local Kate Spade outlet to get a guaranteed good deal BUT I don’t think the deal can come close to what I paid!
  • This beautiful cross body came to $70, nearly 65% off of the retail pfa0d0d5dafe4a451f980eb4c2040c774rice

I am definitely not suggesting that everyone should go to Marshall’s for gift giving because like I said before it is hit or miss. What I am suggesting is to stop in here and there and see what inventory they have! They are always getting new things and if you can save just by stopping to see what they got in its worth it! And if you’re specifically looking for Kate Spade another great spot is the Jersey Sho
re Premium Outlets, in Tinton Falls NJ. They are always running great additional sales!



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