Weekend Away!

I know I always look forward to going away, whether its a weekend, a night or a week. It’s always fun to do new things and see new places. Going away in general can cost us. There are a few ways that we can save when going away.


  • If you’re going to fly, measure out your carry on luggage and see if you can pack in that and take it on the plane with you.
  • Check Groupon for any last minute flash sales on a hotel or ticket.
  • Travel off season.
  • Don’t stay at your typical chain hotels.
  • Duty Free Shopping!!!

These are examples of ways to save while going away.   Duty-Free Shopping for some of us can be a rush of excitement if it is something we have been looking for. Sometimes it doesn’t always benefit to shop Duty-free if we can find it somewhere else at a better rate. I’ve actually found that for Americans, it is worthwhile to shop abroad rather than Duty-Free. So next time you’re traveling make sure to research before you purchase in order to receive the most savings!




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