Jackets in a bag?

Winter has to be the hardest season to find cute, but fun outfits to go out to the bars in. You want to be warm, but also look fabulous. It’s hard to lug around a winter coat when a bar is swarming with people and I’m typically not the best with carrying things that aren’t attached to my body already. I personally do not own one, but have come across multiple people that bring jackets to a bar that fold up into a dust bag.

This is a great idea for many reasons.

  • If the jacket is folded into this dust bag it will be very hard to get ruined!
  • They are surprisingly warm and comfortable.
  • They come in all different lengths.

Who doesn’t want a foldable jacket?!

They are easy to transport and wear! A lot of designers make them including Calvin Klein, which I have found to be the most popular. The image on the left displays the different colors that you can purchase them in. They range from $50-$100. If you are using it for the same purpose I would be, I don’t suggest spending a fortune on it. It doesn’t have to be just a going out jacket, they have been said to be extremely warm because they are made with down. s-l300

This is a great jacket for going out! It’s easy, simple and warm. All you have to do is grab it and go! It’s easy to store and definitely a good way to keep warm, but still go out and have fun.




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