Alexander Wang

I am so happy to announce my latest purchase! The Rockie mini leather duffel bag by Alexander Wang! First of all, this is something I have wanted for awhile now and was waiting to find the right price and color combination. The color is perfect. It is a very light shade of khaki green. The color is subtle and can be worn with both black and brown outfit choices. There is also silver hardware matching the top zipper that is located on the bottom of the bag.

Alexander Wang’s pieces have a distinct style to them. His statement pieces include the stud hardware on the bottom of the bags. Some of the bags get really creative with the coloring of the bag to match the hardware on the bottom.

The best part about getting what you want, is getting the price you want it at! This bag retails at $535. I purchased this bag for $300. This is practically 40% off the retail price! I am a big shopper and have found a lot of good designer deals at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH. And if you know what you’re looking for and know what the price should be, than you will locate all of your fabulous finds!

Happy Shopping!



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