Gucci down to the socks?

My brother and I are very close and his birthday just recently passed. I always try to get him valuable presents, that are useful and won’t lose it’s value! Especially, since I am a crazed designer fan most presents I give are designer! A lot of people say that they are horrible at gift giving. I like to think I am a good gift giver. The way I go about gift giving is when a family member or friend says that they want something I instantly write it down to resort back to when it’s time to give a gift.

For my brother’s birthday, I decided to splurge a little and get him Gucci Slides. Gucci Slides are no different than other slides like Nike or Adidas. You’re strictly paying for the name and look of the shoe. I knew they were something that he really wanted. They come in white and black with green and red stripes on them. Obviously, not the most appealing color combination, but if you are a Gucci enthusiast these are a better choice then Adidas and Nike slides.

The slides retail at $190. Fortunately, I work for a company that sells Gucci and was able to use my employee discount on them! Although, with the perk of the employee discount I still had to pay shipping and handling which could become costly if they end up not fitting and I have to return them and re-order them in a different size. Overall, I paid including shipping $110. This is a great deal considering its about a $80 difference from the full retail price of the slides.

My advice to you to receive the best discounts on designer, work for a company that sells it and use that employee discount!



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