Stuart Wetizman pick up!

Just had one of the best pick ups of my life! Stuart Weitzman tan, suede combat boots. They retail at $535. At Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH in Shrewsbury, NJ I got them for $53.97. Practically free!! I absolutely live for this kind of find. I wasn’t even looking I had just stumbled upon them, they were my size and I immediately knew I had to get them at that price.

Stuart Weitzman collections can be found at Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue along with the OFF FIFTH branch, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, Zappos, Neiman Marcus etc. At your local OFF FIFTH’s and Rack type stores we find that they don’t typically carry full collections which can make it hard to find certain styles or colors of a certain product.

If you didn’t know Stuart Weitzman shoes run anywhere between $200 to over $1,000. For this pair of boots to be marked down as much as they were, they were practically free! It’s always a good feeling purchasing something that we personally know was more expensive and we got it at a discounted price. I am not opposed to shopping at Marshalls, OFF FIFTH’s, Racks etc. It’s always a better feeling getting designer merchandise at a discounted price!!




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