Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The one day a year people celebrate being Irish even when they’re not (including myself)! This year I went to a pub crawl in New York City. The tickets were $11 that we purchased in advance. They gave us access to all of the different deals they had going on at each bar. The ticket was well worth it.

This ticket saved a lot of money for the day. There were a lot of things included. NYC as some of us know, can get to be pretty pricey. At certain times different drink specials were going on and this is when you would change bars. One of the bars had free Irish food from 6-8pm with the purchase of a ticket.

I bought my t-shirt from Victoria’s Secret! This year they had a small St.Patrick’s Day collection. For most holidays they usually design their own small collections depending on the holiday/season/event. The shirt was only $22, but I used a $10 OFF Angel Reward. It was well worth the $12! I hope everyone celebrated their 1% Irish to the fullest



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