Bathing Suit Season!

Bathing suit season is approaching slowly, but surely!

Just picked up this fun 2-piece bathing suit from the Victoria Secret Outlet at Jersey Garden’s Mall in Elizabeth, NJ. If you have never been to this outlet mall you must. They have about 230 stores to shop. It definitely takes more than one day to complete if you’re really looking for a good shopping trip.

This cute bathing suit was purchased in separates. The top was $7.99, along with the bottoms! A whole bathing suit for $15.98. At full retail stores you can’t even find a bathing suit top for as cheap as $15.98. This outlet has 3 large room divided by size. Each room is a different size and that room will have everything in your size. They carry everything a normal Victoria Secret would it’s just at outlet pricing.

At times some of the merchandise might be a few seasons behind, but this is a great place to get all of your bathing suit, bra and underwear shopping done. The selection is endless for these specific pieces. So if you’re low on bathing suits, bras or underwear and don’t feel like spending a lot of money this is definitely the place to go!


Happy Shopping!


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