99 Problems & Designer Is Number 1

99 problems and designer is number one! Everyone has their interests and mine just happens to be designer. Liking designer things isn’t just purchasing a purse or piece of jewelry, its a way of life. People buy things to stay in the in crowd, but are just buying it for the name. Leading a designer lifestyle can get pricey quick, but if there’s true value and meaning behind it, nothing can get in the way.

I am very passionate about designer things because its the life I was brought into. My parents always had nice things and wanted to share that with my brother and I. I was very fortunate to have such nice things, but now I find myself treating myself more often than my parents! I have become so involved in a designer lifestyle I never want to stop. I’m always looking for what my next piece will be.

If you can do it than why not! The way that I think about it is one day I’ll have bills to pay, possibly a mortgage and a car payment. There will be more important things to worry about rather than designer things. Right now while there is less responsibility is the best time to spoil ourselves!  So if not now, than when with all of these expenses approaching.



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