Alexander McQueen

I have never loved a pair of sunglasses more. I think they would be considered an aviator. I wasn’t looking for sunglasses when I stumbled upon them, but when I saw them I had to get them. Of course the price was just right especially for Alexander McQueen.

They were retailed at $500. I saw them at my local Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH. They were prices at $119. For this price I had to get them because I knew I would never see them again. Not only that, but at most outlet stores they usually don’t come with a case because vendors feel they’re giving such a great deal they tend to exclude the case.

Luckily, these bad boys came with the case and a cloth to clean them! My only complaint with the mirror lens is they do get dirty quite easily and caught in my hair often. But they look so cool on and they’re so unique compared to the average aviator that it doesn’t matter!


Happy Deals!!

Love some Manolo’s

Spring has just begun and it’s been so busy! I have a destination wedding to attend along with a formal. These events include dress and shoe shopping because of course I don’t have anything already to wear (not). It gives us a reason to buy new things! With that being said, I am still left without a dress for both events BUT found an amazing deal on the shoes I plan to wear to both of course. I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels at an unbelievable price.

These pumps come in 3 colors and are very limited in sizes. I purchased the tie dye pair because how can you not?! They also come in all white and rainbow. The tie dye pair is very unique and different looking which is why I chose this pair. This pair of heels can be paired with a number of different color dresses. I am solely revolving my dress choice around these shoes!

 Now, getting to the best part. The price. Originally ticketed at $695. On they were on sale for $249.99. Better yet with the discount code the website offers for 48 hours you get an additional 15% off! This comes to $211.95! For this pair of shoes this is an insane deal. I personally could not pass this deal up. For that reason, my dress choice will be revolved around these shoes!


Happy Shopping!

The Perfect Sculpt Bra

I’m sure from scrolling on all social media platforms we have all come across the The Perfect Sculpt Bra! I’ve seen it all over the place and have to say I’m interested in trying this product. It has had so much positive feedback. At the moment, they are running a special on their website ( The prices ranges on how many you purchase.

They’re originally priced at $49.99. The bra comes in beige and black, which is really all you need. Another perk that I find is that the sizes go from A-F. Anything past D can be hard to find on a normal basis, so it’s nice they have options.

I would personally utilize this
bra to fill out shirts, strapless shirts or even in place of a bandeau. It gives an extra lift for those who need it! I think it’ll work best for girls who are less busty. I would love to try this product out to see what wonders it could possibly do for me!



Rainy Days=Shopping

Am I the only one who finds myself shopping on rainy days? On rainy days I’m either watching catching up on my favorite TV shows, doing my homework or shopping. I just wish my favorite thing to do was free! Yesterday, was a typical New Jersey rainy day and of course I had no homework to do and was obviously in the mood to shop. And it was a good thing I did! I own a few pairs of Marc Fisher shoes and I seriously live by them.

Marc Fisher is a reliable shoe designer. The shoes I own by him have lasted their full life expectancy. Personally, I find his shoes to be affordable compared to other designers. My most recent purchase is a pair of black suede over the knee boot. They were originally $130.00 at Macy’s. They are on sale for $90.30. On top of this deal they are also running a promotion where if you buy 3 pairs of shoes you get 40% OFF or if you buy 2 pairs of shoes you get 30% OFF.

This is the best time of year to buy winter or riding boots for next season! You get the best designers, shoes and deals. The sale ends at Macy’s April 2! Now is the time to stock up on all designer necessities for next season. What better time than a rainy day to get all of the best deals.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The one day a year people celebrate being Irish even when they’re not (including myself)! This year I went to a pub crawl in New York City. The tickets were $11 that we purchased in advance. They gave us access to all of the different deals they had going on at each bar. The ticket was well worth it.

This ticket saved a lot of money for the day. There were a lot of things included. NYC as some of us know, can get to be pretty pricey. At certain times different drink specials were going on and this is when you would change bars. One of the bars had free Irish food from 6-8pm with the purchase of a ticket.

I bought my t-shirt from Victoria’s Secret! This year they had a small St.Patrick’s Day collection. For most holidays they usually design their own small collections depending on the holiday/season/event. The shirt was only $22, but I used a $10 OFF Angel Reward. It was well worth the $12! I hope everyone celebrated their 1% Irish to the fullest


Stuart Wetizman pick up!

Just had one of the best pick ups of my life! Stuart Weitzman tan, suede combat boots. They retail at $535. At Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH in Shrewsbury, NJ I got them for $53.97. Practically free!! I absolutely live for this kind of find. I wasn’t even looking I had just stumbled upon them, they were my size and I immediately knew I had to get them at that price.

Stuart Weitzman collections can be found at Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue along with the OFF FIFTH branch, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, Zappos, Neiman Marcus etc. At your local OFF FIFTH’s and Rack type stores we find that they don’t typically carry full collections which can make it hard to find certain styles or colors of a certain product.

If you didn’t know Stuart Weitzman shoes run anywhere between $200 to over $1,000. For this pair of boots to be marked down as much as they were, they were practically free! It’s always a good feeling purchasing something that we personally know was more expensive and we got it at a discounted price. I am not opposed to shopping at Marshalls, OFF FIFTH’s, Racks etc. It’s always a better feeling getting designer merchandise at a discounted price!!



Alexander Wang

I am so happy to announce my latest purchase! The Rockie mini leather duffel bag by Alexander Wang! First of all, this is something I have wanted for awhile now and was waiting to find the right price and color combination. The color is perfect. It is a very light shade of khaki green. The color is subtle and can be worn with both black and brown outfit choices. There is also silver hardware matching the top zipper that is located on the bottom of the bag.

Alexander Wang’s pieces have a distinct style to them. His statement pieces include the stud hardware on the bottom of the bags. Some of the bags get really creative with the coloring of the bag to match the hardware on the bottom.

The best part about getting what you want, is getting the price you want it at! This bag retails at $535. I purchased this bag for $300. This is practically 40% off the retail price! I am a big shopper and have found a lot of good designer deals at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH. And if you know what you’re looking for and know what the price should be, than you will locate all of your fabulous finds!

Happy Shopping!