Back at it!!

I took some time off after the semester ended because finding an internship and doing a summer semester took a lot of my time. I couldn’t fully focus on what content to post, but I am happy to say I am back! And yes I still found time to do some shopping.

I made a larger purchase within the past few weeks. I was attending a fraternity formal and a wedding within a month of each other. My first thought was to treat myself to a new pair of heels. I promised myself I’d wear the heels to both functions and spend a little less money on a dress, so I could fully splurge on the heels. I ended up getting the nude Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100. I have the same exact pair in black so I didn’t have trouble with sizing. The only thing I was shocked about was the difference in comfort. The black ones I always feel like I am walking on shards of glass, whereas the nude ones are sooo comfy!

And yes, I know everyone probably thinks I’m out of my mind for saying a pair of Christian Louboutin’s were comfortable, but they really were. Now, the reason I think personally the nude are bizarrely more comfortable than the black is because I had the nude sealed on the bottom. I would get every pair I own sealed, it was well worth it. For those who don’t know what “sealed” is, it’s a bottom that is added to the sole of the shoe so the red does not wear off as easily. After I wore the first pair the first time they were destroyed, so I learned my lesson.


Happy to be back & Happy Shopping!

Love some Manolo’s

Spring has just begun and it’s been so busy! I have a destination wedding to attend along with a formal. These events include dress and shoe shopping because of course I don’t have anything already to wear (not). It gives us a reason to buy new things! With that being said, I am still left without a dress for both events BUT found an amazing deal on the shoes I plan to wear to both of course. I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels at an unbelievable price.

These pumps come in 3 colors and are very limited in sizes. I purchased the tie dye pair because how can you not?! They also come in all white and rainbow. The tie dye pair is very unique and different looking which is why I chose this pair. This pair of heels can be paired with a number of different color dresses. I am solely revolving my dress choice around these shoes!

 Now, getting to the best part. The price. Originally ticketed at $695. On they were on sale for $249.99. Better yet with the discount code the website offers for 48 hours you get an additional 15% off! This comes to $211.95! For this pair of shoes this is an insane deal. I personally could not pass this deal up. For that reason, my dress choice will be revolved around these shoes!


Happy Shopping!

Another great Marshalls Find!

Every girl needs a pair of black pumps. Whether it’s for daytime or night life use. These Michael Kors black open side heel are $60! Fully retailed at $100. They’re the perfect heel for job interviews, a nice dinner or dressed down with a pair of denim. They aren’t too high which is always good!

I know when heel shopping, pointy can sometimes be a problem as far comfort. The opening on the side of the heel is more comfortable in my opinion. It doesn’t squish your toes as much either. Another thing I wanted to point out about them is the heel. The heel starts wider and gets slimmer as most pumps do, but these are definitely not as drastic of an arch for your foot. You are not straining as much in your foot with this specific heel.

This heel also comes in a variety of sizes! Since, this pump is comfortable I wouldn’t mind picking up other colors! Not only does it come in black at Marshall’s, but also nude. Nude is perfect for everyday use just like black. They can be dress up or down! Overall, this is a great pump, comfort and looks wise!!