Steve Madden Gone Wrong

Over the weekend my mom and I were shopping for new everyday shoes. I was looking for a replacement pair of slip-on sneakers that are easy to put on for class or when running errands. My mom was looking for new everyday work shoes (which she found at Macy’s). Anyways, I ended up buying a pair of Steve Madden slip-on sneakers that were very casual, but cute for casual wear. They came to $59.98 at Macy’s.

Let me tell you, THE most uncomfortable pair of Steve Madden shoes I have ever purchased. I have always loved Steve Madden for inexpensive shoes because they are fashionable, inexpensive and usually quite comfortable. This was not the case for this pair sneakers. I wore them for a few hours and my feet felt like they were going to fall off. I ended up having to put bandaids on the back of my heels because they were actually bleeding.

I have never had such an experience with Steve Madden shoes. I will continue buying his shoes, but I was shocked when this happened. I ended up having to return the shoes because I honestly couldn’t bear the thought of having to wear them again. And personally, I am not the type of person AT ALL to return something after using/wearing it, but this was a rare case.


Happy Shopping!

Rainy Days=Shopping

Am I the only one who finds myself shopping on rainy days? On rainy days I’m either watching catching up on my favorite TV shows, doing my homework or shopping. I just wish my favorite thing to do was free! Yesterday, was a typical New Jersey rainy day and of course I had no homework to do and was obviously in the mood to shop. And it was a good thing I did! I own a few pairs of Marc Fisher shoes and I seriously live by them.

Marc Fisher is a reliable shoe designer. The shoes I own by him have lasted their full life expectancy. Personally, I find his shoes to be affordable compared to other designers. My most recent purchase is a pair of black suede over the knee boot. They were originally $130.00 at Macy’s. They are on sale for $90.30. On top of this deal they are also running a promotion where if you buy 3 pairs of shoes you get 40% OFF or if you buy 2 pairs of shoes you get 30% OFF.

This is the best time of year to buy winter or riding boots for next season! You get the best designers, shoes and deals. The sale ends at Macy’s April 2! Now is the time to stock up on all designer necessities for next season. What better time than a rainy day to get all of the best deals.






Get out there and get involved in the awesome reward systems department stores have! There are a lot of savings we need to take full advantage of. The best reward systems are the ones that actually benefit you. This is a list of stores that have reward programs you need to know about:

Nordstrom Rack: The rack rewards card is a point based system off the dollar amount of your purchase. After accumulating X amount of points, you will receive a gift card to use at Nordstrom Rack!

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets: Make sure before you even think to go shopping at this center you remember to check their website and print out all coupons necessary. Next, the second you arrive you MUST go to the Customer Service desk and ask for a coupon book. The coupon book is $5, but if you have a AAA card its free! It holds all of the coupons that the stores provide.

Macy’s: Plenti is new to Macy’s. It allows you to gain points when shopping at any Macy’s. The perks of this are the places Macy’s has teamed up with that you can use your Plenti reward points at! Hulu, AT&T and Exxon are examples of the places that you can use your rewards at.

Target: The Target REDcard acts as a debit card. If you use the REDcard, for every purchase you receive 5% off your total transaction. As a card member, you are rewarded with 30 days extra for returns and free shipping.

ULTA: For your birthday, you receive a free gift! This reward system is a point system. Depending upon the day/event you can receive 2X, 3X, or even up to 5X the amount of points. You can redeem the points towards a future purchase. Lastly, if you spend $450 throughout the year, you are put into the Platinum reward program.

These are just a few reward systems I wanted to touch on, that we can all truly benefit from.


Happy Shopping!